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This letter of reference is for numerologist and woman of vision, Vikki MacKinnon. Vikki has been a guest on my radio show "Living on Purpose" two times, sharing her knowledge and insights with me and my listeners.

I personally have appreciated the thorough and professional presentation of her printed numerological reading, and found affirming encouragement from the information she compiled for me.

Especially during times of change, it is reassuring to have reference points,which I found inboth Vikki's material, as well as in her calming manner.

Lynn Thompson
Radio Producer and Host
Nanaimo, BC

Vikki has such a kind heart and genuine interest in her clients. She uses her insight to offer information and wisdom that is truly helpful…and transformative.

Shona Lauzon, Toronto , Canada

Our Mission

Got Your Number is dedicated to assisting clients who are seeking clarity and encouragement with their careers, finances, relationships, and spiritual growth.

We provide thorough, accurate, and insightful numerological interpretations to help you live proactively and in harmony with your highest good.

About Got Your Number

Got Your Number specializes in empowering individuals and organizations by connecting them with their personal formula for success, through Numerology.

Owned and operated by Vikki MacKinnon, we have worked with hundreds of clients; men and women of all ages and backgrounds, in small and major centres across Canada, into the United States, and in the United Kingdom and Japan.

Vikki MacKinnon, President, Got Your Number Inc.

Vikki MacKinnon has more than twenty-five years experience as a numerologist, and a lifetime of interest in healing, spiritual growth, and metaphysical studies.

After her Numerology training, Vikki spent many years preparing profiles for friends and family members. She spared no effort in opening doors of understanding for those who received her work, and they always benefited from her thoroughness and accuracy.

In 2002 she changed her career path to devote more time to empowering others with Numerology, and reaching out to people who could gain from her insight.

To date, Vikki has prepared numerology profiles for individual clients across North America as well as in Britain and Japan . She does recorded readings in person as well as by telephone, and for those who prefer a book, she offers the Sacred Journey Lifescape, which provides a comprehensive picture of your soul’s journey through time and your curriculum, or “sacred contract” for this life time.

She has been a repeat guest on the Living On Purpose radio show in Nanaimo BC , and has been interviewed for CBC Newsworld, and Ottawa Metro News. Her workshops and private sessions have become increasingly popular in Canada and the United States . Vikki is also a lecturer for Synchronicity Japan, and presents workshops in Tokyo twice a year.

Vikki has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Queen’s University, as well as having completed graduate level work in Self-esteem and Emotional Intelligence. She has practiced public speaking with Toastmasters, and is also a Reiki Master.

As co-founder of the International Academy of Numerology, Vikki adheres to the following Code of Ethics:

Code of Ethics for Numerology Practitioners

  1. Numerology works for the highest purpose and with the highest integrity of all involved.

  2. We seek to empower individuals through the gifts and guidance of numbers.

  3. We maintain strict confidentiality regarding all client information.

  4. We maintain a professional and non-judgemental attitude toward all clients, with deep respect for the uniqueness of each individual’s journey.

  5. We provide objective and comprehensive information, and when appropriate we present possible courses of action.

  6. We support our clients in making their own choices based on this information, and work without attachment to any outcome the client may choose.

  7. We recognize the need for practitioners to engage in ongoing studies in the field of numerology, in order to be both knowledgeable and effective.

  8. We give due credit to any and all print sources or websites that we have quoted.

  9. We respect and honour other numerologists, psychic practitioners and healers.


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